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Business Loans

Superior California provides assistance to small and medium sized businesses.

Gap Financing

Bank is willing to finance 75% of the project . . .
Borrower has 15% equity injection . . .
Where will the remaining 10% come from?

Gap Financing Graph

Unable to obtain a conventional bank loan?

As a leading non-profit lender Superior California Economic Development (SCED) has leveraged the experience of our staff and our relationships with local lending partners to create several loan programs to make credit available to entrepreneurs that cannot qualify under conventional lending criteria.

If you have:

  1. Historical business earnings
  2. Well founded revenue projections
  3. A solid business plan with complete financials
  4. Acceptable credit history

But you do not qualify for a conventional loan due to:

  1. Limited collateral
  2. Marginal historical cash flow
  3. Minor historical credit issue
  4. Short length of time in business
  5. Small loan amount requested

We have several programs offering:

  1. Financing available from $5,000 to $250,000
  2. Fixed interest rates
  3. Longer loan terms to keep your payments low
  4. “Collateral Support” through loan guarantee enhancement

How these programs work

SCED's Business Loan Program offers financing to emerging businesses, preparing them for growth and expansion and ultimately strengthening our local economies by creating new jobs.

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